Cable conduit saw for duct Ø 32-150 mm

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6 | Cable conduit saw

This cable conduit saw SRS 6.1 is a further development of the proven SRS 6. The saw is suitable for cutting occupied and unoccupied cable conduits without damaging internal cables or subducts. The saw is suitable for conduits at an outer diameter of 32-150 mm and at a max. wall thickness up to 6 mm. The saw can precisely cut lengthwise and crosswise and can also precisely cut windows into the cable conduit. Especially for long cuts on the cable conduits which are necessary for cable line redirections the great benefits of this saw pay off.

The cutting depth can be precisely adjusted to a 1/10 of a millimetre by an adjustment mechanism thus the cables inside the cable conduit are well-protected. The cutting depth has always to be set 0,2 mm less than the conduits wall thickness. The remaining very thin plastic membrane will be removed by a lifter tool thus the cable is also protected during this final step.

The conduit guiding plates allow a high safety at work as well as accurate cuts. The guiding plates are available for the below mentioned conduit-diameters. The cordless saw is handy and small in order to be fit for application also in narrow working conditions its weight is below 2 kg. Included in delivery are the following parts:

  • Accu-saw with high-quality blade hard metal equipped and 3 accus with 1 charger
  • Precise pre-adjustment of the cutting depth, 1/10 mm accurate sliding calliper.
  • Lifter for the window-cutting rest
  • Packed and delivered in robust box, 445x355x255, weight app. 6,5 kg
  • Only approx. 1,9 kg of weight for comfortable application
Code Type Device For D-OD kg
273212 SRS 6.1 Saw as above 32-150 6,50
273228 RFP 32 Guide plate 32 0,35
273230 RFP 40 Guide plate 40 0,32
273232 RFP 50 Guide plate 50 0,26
273234 RFP 63 Guide plate 63 0,26
273237 RFP 64+ Guide plate 64-150 0,20
273222 ESB 6 Spare blade 0,03