Drum and ring coiling machines for cable Ø 10-80



1 | Cable drum and coiling machines

These types for trade and industry focus on rewinding cables from drum to drum. Quick and easy modification also allows each machine to be fitted with winding heads in various diameters and adjustable versions, in order to make cable rings. There is almost no task that cannot be productively solved using these machines. Drums from 600 mm to 2500 mm can be wound on and off. Hydraulic raising and lowering of the drums, as well as automated layering of the cable, allow extensive automation of the work processes.

For more information, please see the following sections. If you tell us what sizes of drum you need to work with and your main type of cable, we can develop a tailor-made concept to meet your requirements.

Cable drum and coiling machines for cables and wires, series TRG. Automatic working machine for bigger cable drums. Automatic cable traversing with infinitely variable electronic setting of the cable diameter. Cable traversing ready to mount length measuring equipment M 40 – M 80. Electronic pre-set counter included as standard equipment and many other special functions. Control through central touch panel 7″ with option to connection on PC. Protecting cover with automatic switch-off. Further accessory see below.

The appropriate length measuring equipment can be selected for this device. It is also possible to permanently mount cable cutting equipment to the measuring machines.

  • Frequency controlled drive with soft start and soft stop.
  • Hydraulic open and closing of the lifting arms with automatic drum fixing.
  • Automatic swivelling of the coil winder into working position.
  • Coil winder speed on all machines TRG 160-250FH is 15-100 rpm.
  • Capacity: TRG 160FH 2000 kg, TRG 200FH 3000 kg, TRG 250FH 4000 kg.
  • Winding speed: TRG 160FH 10-45 rpm, TRG 200FH 10-70 rpm, TRG 250FH 7-60 rpm
Code Type C-D Drum-D kW/V L/W/H m kg
323630 TRG 160FH 10-45 600-1600 3,0/400 2,6/2,7/2,2 1.050,00
323650 TRG 200FH 10-60 600-2000 5,5/400 3,0/2,4/2,4 1.250,00
323670 TRG 250FH 10-80 600-2500 7,5/400 3,6/2,7/2,7 1.650,00

2 | Cable and wire length measuring machines with electronical counter

Cable and wire length measuring machines with electronic counter for mounting on all cable winding machines and for stationary use. For this the power supply device 323.110 is necessary. Mounted on a spooling machine the power supply comes from the machine. Very robust steel construction. Due to the big perimeter of 1 m high accuracy of ± 0,5 %, accuracy class III at temperature of 5-40°C.

With conformity assessment according to EU Directive 2014/32/EU, Annex MI-009, valid throughout Europe. Conformity assessment procedure with type examination according to module B and product test according to module F. Equipped as standard with 3.5 inch colour touch screen incl. electronic pre-selection counter.

  • Types M … only for insulated cables, types M … S also for bare metal goods.
  • The accuracy refers to a calibrated cable of a length of at least 5 m.
  • Measuring machines for cable bigger than Ø 60 mm are available on request.
  • In the winding machines DTR/TR/TRG the electronic pre-set counter is installed as standard.
Code Type C-D St-rope L/W/H mm kg
323740 M 40 3-40 no 550/300/420 28,00
323745 M 40S 3-40 3-22 550/300/420 28,00
323760 M 60 10-60 no 700/360/600 54,00
323765 M 60S 10-60 6-32 700/360/600 54,00
323110 Power unit 24/230 Volt on M counter 110/110/90 1,00

3 | Conformity assessment for M/MZ 20-60 S

Application of the new EU directive 2014/32/EU (MID) has become compulsory on 1 November 2016 and it has been implemented in German law in the Verification Act (MessEG) as well as the Verification Ordinance (MessEV). Apart from the correct measurement of lengths, the requirements for the recording, confirmability and traceability of the measurements have been tightened considerably. The main change is the demand for permanent and non-corruptible storage of all measurements.

Specifically, the legislator demands that information on each measurement be stored securely, permanently and unchangeably. Apart from the actual length, the date and time of the measurement as well as information about the measuring instrument used are of relevance. All of these data are to be identified by means of an unambiguous and unique identifier, the objective being to ensure continuous traceability of each measurement. This means that machines may only be brought onto the market if they meet these requirements and have been accepted by a conformity assessment body (e.g. German Physical and Technical Institute, PTB, or the verification office) by way of a conformity assessment. The successful assessment of the measuring instruments is confirmed by the declaration of conformity issued by the manufacturer (e.g. Vetter) and is valid throughout Europe.

For companies who wish to sell the cables to third parties in the normal course of business, this means that only length measuring instruments meeting these requirements may be procured in future. The purchaser of a measuring machine with declaration of conformity is obliged to register the measuring machine with the competent verification office (in Germany www.eichamt.de) immediately following the acquisition. Machines with a declaration of conformity from Vetter are deemed duly verified until expiry of the respective nationally regulated verification period. In Germany the rule is that validity of the conformity assessment is of two years. In retail sale the validity is unlimited as long as no seal is damaged or the maximum number of errors permitted in service is not exceeded. Divergent regulations may apply in other countries. These are obtainable from the applicable national laws.

On expiry of the conformity assessment for the above-mentioned reasons, the competent verification office must carry out a reverification. Before this reverification, examination, adjustment and calibration of the measuring machine by trained personnel is recommended.

Thanks to the EU type examination certificate issued by the Federal Institute of Metrology METAS in Switzerland, machines of the new M series from Vetter can be used throughout Europe, irrespective of whether for use as measuring instruments on coiling machines or as a stand-alone solution for individual use. They offer the demanded uniformity, security, transparency and confirmability for buyers and sellers of cables within the European Economic Area. At the same time, the modular concept of the new series also enables use in direct sales or purely internal use and thus rounds off the complete range of applications for cable length measurement.

The Vetter cable measuring machines from the M 20-M60S series correspond to accuracy class III (+/- 0.5 %) ac-cording to EU Directive 2014/32/EU (MID) at temperatures of 5-40 °C with a minimum cable measuring length of 5 m for M machines and 10 m for MZ 20-M60S machines.


  • KT 001 – Declaration for MZ-MZ/S, with mechanical counter, only for direct sales or purely internal use.
  • KT 002 – Declaration for M-M/S, with electronical counter, for business use in absence of the buyer.
Code Type Module For kg
323700 KT 001 F1 MZ 20-MZ 60S 0,01
323705 KT 002 B+F MZ 20-MZ 60S 0,01

4 | Calibration of length measuring machines KDM/KLM/M/MZ
To confirm the testing of length measuring devices, KDM/KLM/M/MZ, according to ISO 9001 and other QM systems the calibration (KA 001) executed by Vetter is sufficient in most cases. On the other hand the calibration does not replace the EU conformity assessment whenever it comes to commercial sales of cables.
Code Type kg
323710 KA 001 0,01

5 | Roller bow

Roller bow for unwinding cables from drum of upper drum stands. For fitting at cable length measuring machines MZ or M. Steel rollers D 25 mm.

  • Type RB 6090 – 90° deviation for unwinding from upper drum stands, 15 steel rollers D 25.
Code Type Suitable for C-D Pass Bend L/W/H mm kg
322783 RB 4090 M/MZ 40 max. 40 45×45 90° 400x180x380 10,10
3227831 RBS 4090 M/MZ 40/40S max. 40 45×45 90° 400x180x380 10,50
322781 RB 6090 M/MZ 60 max. 60 65×65 90° 450x200x500 30,50

6 | Automatic cable diam. identification device
Automatic measuring device for identify the cable-d in all length measuring machines on cable spooling machines. The electronic cable traversing unit takes over the electronic measured values self-dependent. Manually correction of cable diameter with potentiometer in operator panel is also possible.
Code Type For mounting on kg
322930 ACD 100 DTR 80-100 + TR/TRG 147-207 1,10

7 | Layering arms
Layering arms on cable length measuring machines M/MZ 40-60, for better cable traversing on winding machines TR/TRG, especially for soft or thin cables.
Code Type Suitable for On machine C-D kg
322802 BRT 40 TR/TRG M/MZ 40 3-40 8,00
322803 BRT 40S TR/TRG M/MZ 40S 3-40 8,00
322804 BRT 60 TR/TRG M/MZ 60 10-60 8,00
322805 BRT 60S TR/TRG M/MZ 60S 10-60 8,00

8 | Laser-Pointer
Laser-Pointer for easy and accurate adjustment of cable traversing on cable winding machines. Fixing on layering arm or length measuring device M/MZ 20-60
Code Type Colour To mount kg
322839 LP 10 red M/MZ 20-60 S 5,00

9 | Cable cutting head, hydraulic
Cable cutting head, hydraulic for mounting on cable length measuring machines types M, for cutting insulated CU- and AL-cables, not for steel ropes.
Code Type Suitable for For C-D St-rope kg
322820 HKS 40 M/MZ 40 40 no 11,00
322821 HKS 60 M/MZ 60 60 no 14,50

10 | Coil winder with drive

Coil winder with drive for optional mounting on lifting arms of TRG 160-250

  • Coil winder with separate drive. D 800/350, int. width 100-200
  • Hinged mounted on the machine.
  • High winding speed of 15-100 rpm. Capacity 150 kg.
Code Type Suitable for Capac. cable D/m kg
322666 RWG 80VK TRG 160-250 10/750, 30/80 80,00

11 | Centring sleeves for drums

Standard all drum winding units are equipped with the following centring sleeves:

  • TR 147-167 standard for centre holes of D 80
  • TR 200-207 standard for centre holes of D 80 and D 125.
  • For other centre holes special sleeves see below have to be ordered.
Code Type Suitable for Fixing Form For hole kg
322864 AKZ 66 TR 147-207 D 40 conic D 85-35 5,40

12 | Moving equipment, hydr.

Moving equipment for electro-hydraulic lift of the winding machine and for displacement by a hand draw bar.

Code Type Suitable for Lifting Running kg
322965 HG 100HI TR 167/TRG 160 Hydraulic manual 25,00